Baby Feeding Set

It always brings me great pleasure to be able to support small family businesses, and even greater when their product AND customer service deliver.

I’m always on the lookout for baby led weaning (BLW) gear to use with Zelda and to recommend to others to make their journey easier (because those of us who do BLW definitely know how messy it can get!). Starting BLW is already overwhelming for many parents and caregivers, so to be able to get almost everything you need in one kit is very useful.

The Baby Feeding Set includes:

· 2 pocket bibs

· 1 suction bowl

· 1 divider suction plate

· 2 spoons

· Bonus reusable food pouch

All of the products are made from 100% high quality food grade silicon and are dishwasher/freezer/oven/microwave safe. The set is available in lime green/turquoise AND bright pink/purple.


Pocket bibs are a very helpful product to have at mealtime. We use shirt bibs for extra messy meals, and pocket bibs for everything else. I always make sure to have a couple clean so that I have a backup in-between washing dishes, and I keep one in Zelda’s diaper bag for when we’re out and about. I love that these bibs are adjustable in the back, the pocket is deep enough to catch food, and they are super easy to clean, both by hand and in the dishwasher. For long-haired babies, hair sticks to the material pretty easily, so be careful when fastening the back.


If you only read one part of this review, I would say this is the most important piece. My suction bowl wouldn’t stick to the high chair tray, or the dining table, no matter what I tried. If I pulled it straight upward, it would stay put, but Zelda always pulled at just the right angle to pop it off. I wrote Ruth over at EVLA’s, and she sent me a new set right away (I’ll touch on their customer service at the end of my review). That bowl wouldn’t stay put either! But then, I figured out why…

The suction bowls we currently have are hard plastic with a firm bottom, and they stick to the tray just by me pushing down on the edges. I was pushing these bowls down the same way, but since the material is made of silicon which is more flexible, the suction works differently. There is a slight bubble in the middle of the bowl, and if you push THAT down, instead of the edges, the bowl isn’t going anywhere. Once that bowl is in place, you end up with a frustrated toddler who’s wondering why she can’t fling her bowl across the kitchen.


This plate works well on our dining table, but is unfortunately just a couple inches too wide for my Ikea high chair tray. It serves its purpose so long as Zelda doesn’t realize it’s not actually suctioned to her tray and she can pick it up. Most high chair trays are larger than the Ikea tray, however, so this plate would work well for other high chairs or on the dining table for an older toddler or child sitting in a regular chair.


I absolutely love these spoons, and wish I had them when we were first starting out! Food sticks to them very nicely, so they are perfect for little ones who haven’t quite mastered scooping food out of a bowl. You can dip these spoons into yogurt, oatmeal, etc. and it gives your baby a chance to practice using the spoon without the frustration of trying to load the spoon and the food just falling right off. They’re also very soft and flexible which I can see as being a good texture transition from a bottle or breast to a spoon.


I had never used one of these before, so at first I was thinking, “how the heck do I get anything into this?” This pouch is basically like a heavy duty Ziploc bag, and you put food in through the side (which also makes it a lot easier to clean). We don’t do purees, but Zelda does love yogurt (a little TOO much, as you can see in the photos at the bottom). She had never used a pouch before, so I had to show her how to use it, but once she figured it out… she was so excited to have yogurt on the go, and to have a way to eat yogurt while she and daddy read in the recliner.


One of the best I’ve ever encountered, by far. As I mentioned earlier, I had issues using the suction bowl in the beginning. I contacted Ruth over at EVLA’s, and she immediately sent me a new set – she thought I may have received a defective bowl, and stood by her products’ high quality, which I respected. Every time I’ve communicated with her, I typically heard back within 1-2 days, and she is eager to ensure she has happy customers.

Overall, I would highly recommend this set, especially if you're just starting out your baby led weaning journey. All of the pieces are high quality, the suction is strong, and you get basically everything you need in one box. I would love to see EVLA's include cups in future sets as well!

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I received this product for free and was asked by the business to post a review on my site. This did not influence my review in any way, as I want to provide my audience with my absolute honest feedback.

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