Baby Led Weaning can be a misleading term for a lot of people, since in Western cultures, “weaning” typically refers to decreasing a baby’s intake of breastmilk and/or formula.

In this context, however, “baby led weaning” can also be referred to as “baby led feeding” - in short, your baby takes the lead during mealtimes. You skip baby foods altogether and go straight to offering solid foods - instead of pureed green beans in a jar, baby gets lasagna! You also don't feed baby yourself - they feed themselves.

This can make a lot of parents apprehensive. Some of the most common questions we hear include:

  • Won’t my baby choke?
  • How can they chew without any teeth?
  • Then how come my pediatrician told me to start with purees at 4 months?

If your baby meets the following Signs of Readiness, then you may be ready to start baby led weaning:

  • 6 months old (adjusted, if born prematurely)
  • Loss of extrusion reflex
  • Shows interest in food
  • Is able to bring food to mouth
  • Is able to sit unassisted on the floor for 1 minute

Here is where Root to Leaf comes in to help! Our registered dietitian provides a variety of services, and can even create a custom care package to best suit your needs.

Want to learn more before committing to a Baby Led Weaning plan? Sign up for our Intro to BLW Crash Course, where Paula, our dietitian, will educate you on the basics of baby led weaning and help you decide if this method of feeding is right for your family (if it isn’t, that’s okay, too!).