Zelda is a sassy, clever, one-year old with an adventurous spirit that is truly visible during mealtime. She started eyeballing her mom’s food at about 5 months old, and tried to sneak bites when she thought mom wasn’t looking!

She officially started baby led weaning at 6 months, and has been a foodie ever since. Although there were a couple foods along the way that Zelda didn’t care for at first, she always ended up trying them a second time.

Sure, she goes through the same “phases” as any baby does - throwing food on the floor, feeding it to the dogs, you name it! But to this day, thanks to baby led weaning, there isn’t a single food that Zelda won’t try at least once.

Zelda wants to show you the benefits of skipping purees and going straight to enjoying the main meal with the whole family. Not only is it safe, but it’s also so much fun! Just look at how excited she gets about food!

Would you believe that she liked sauerkraut right away, but it took a few months for her to warm up to strawberries?